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Table 1 Censoring rules for ALCANLink cohort

From: Quantifying sources of bias in longitudinal data linkage studies of child abuse and neglect: measuring impact of outcome specification, linkage error, and partial cohort follow-up

Linkage observation Censoring rulea
Linkage with vital death records and not classified by Alaska CDR as maltreatment related. Censor at date of death
PRAMS births failing to link with any PFD year, or only linking with PFD records with only a non-Alaska address Censor at 3-months from the date of birth
Last PFD indicates out-of-state residence or non-linkage with subsequent PFDs Censor at the mid-year of the subsequent calendar year.
Linkage with last available PFD (2015 PFD year, 2014 calendar year) Administrative censor at 12/31/2014
  1. aFor these rules we assumed a uniform distribution of out-of-state emigration during a calendar year. We also reasoned that (for example) as a 2011 PFD year application reflects residence during the 2010 calendar year, to be eligible for the 2010 PFD the subject must have physically resided in Alaska (aside for a few exceptions) the majority of that year and lost eligibility sometime during the subsequent year (2011)