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Table 1 Estimated concussion incidence from studies reporting youth data, 2011 and after

From: Using opinion leaders to address intervention gaps in concussion prevention in youth sports: key concepts and foundational theory

Authors Timeframe Sport Age Range (years) Concussion Rates
Kontos et al. (2013) 2011 Football 8-12 1.76/1000AE
Dompier et al. (2015) 2012-2013 Football 5-15 0.99/1000AE
Kerr et al. (2016a) 2012-2014 Football 5-15 0.87/1000AE
Kerr et al. (2015a) 2014 Football 5-15 0.62/1000AE
Kontos et al. (2016) 2013/14-2014/15 Ice Hockey 12-18 1.58/1000AE
Kerr et al. (2017b) 2015 Boys’ Lacrosse 9-15 0.84/1000AE
O’Kane et al. (2014) 2008-2012 Girls’ Soccer 11-14 1.2/1000 hours
Beachy and Rauh (2014) 1998-2008 29 Boys’ and Girls’ Sports 12-15 Sport-specific rates reported with football being the highest (0.35/1000AE)
Kerr et al. (2017c) 2015/16 12 Boys’ and Girls’ Sports 11-13 Overall rate of 0.75/1000AE, with highest rates reported in football (2.61/1000AE) and girls’ soccer (1.30/1000AE)