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Table 5 Counts of firearm access points by typology, CFOI, 2011–2015a

From: Workplace homicides committed by firearm: recent trends and narrative text analysis

(Type I) (Type II) (Type III) (Type IV) Total
Firearm Access point
 On-person 40 76 39 23 178
 Retrieved, Unspecified 9 28 19 4 60
 From Car 11 9 20
 From Home 4 3 8
 Stolen by perpetrator 7 8
 From another location 3
Total 57 120 71 29 277
  1. Fatal injury counts were generated by authors with restricted access to BLS CFOI microdata. Table is firearm-related workplace homicides with a known firearm access point among argumentative deaths
  2. -- Indicates no data or data that do not meet BLS publication criteria
  3. aTable consists of only firearm-related workplace homicides with a firearm access point that was able to be determined. Excluded are 15 firearm-related workplace homicides with no known violence typology