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Table 2 Change in handgun background check rate (per 100,000 People) after implementation of CBC policies in Oregon and Washington, January 1999 to December 2018

From: Effect on background checks of newly-enacted comprehensive background check policies in Oregon and Washington: a synthetic control approach

Observed mean rate of BCs in treated states following implementation349.9237.7
Counterfactual mean rate of BCs following implementation297.1228.6
Absolute difference in BC rate following implementationb52.89.1
Estimated % difference in BC rate following implementationc18.04.0
N states in the donor pool with change ≥ treated state (n = 28)d29
  1. CBC comprehensive background checks, BCs background checks
  2. a Permutation test for Alaska did not converged, resulting in 27 control states. b Mean difference in background check rate between the treated states and their synthetic control after policy implementation. c Percentage difference in background checks rate in reference to BC rate of the synthetic controls after policy implementation. d Results from permutation test, measured as the post-intervention RMSPE/pre-intervention RMSPE