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Table 1 Hospital Roles of Study Participants

From: Perceptions of health providers towards the use of standardised trauma form in managing trauma patients: a qualitative study from Tanzania

Hospital RoleInterview, N = 33 n (%)Gender: male %Prior use of trauma form %
Nurse6 (18.2)83.316.7
Medical Officer8 (24.2)7537.5
Assistant Medical Officer5 (15.2)800
Clinical Officer6 (18.2)83.30
Specialist Doctor  0
 Emergency Physician1 (3)100100
 Orthopaedic/Trauma Specialist1 (3)1000
 Surgery Specialist1 (3)1000
Administrator2 (6.1)500
HMIS Officer2 (2.1)500
ICT Officer1 (3.0)1000