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Table 1 Frequency of Tier 1 medication use by total medication and participant

From: Medication use and driving patterns in older drivers: preliminary findings from the LongROAD study

 Frequency of medications used (N = 24,697 medications)aNumber of participants using each medication (N = 2949 participants)b
Cardiovascular Drugs470019.0216773%
Central Nervous System Agents392115.9207870%
Electrolytic, Caloric, and Water Balance23559.5154852%
Hormones and Synthetic Substitutes21898.9131144%
Gastrointestinal Drugs12194.995232%
Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat (EENT) Preparations10474.271024%
Autonomic Drugs8343.464122%
Skin and Mucous Membrane Agents6582.748616%
Blood Formation, Coagulation, and Thrombosis Agents4501.839013%
Antihistamine Drugs4361.839213%
Miscellaneous Therapeutic Agents4191.737913%
Anti-infective Agents3531.429110%
Respiratory Tract Agents119.51064%
Antineoplastic Agents116.51124%
Smooth Muscle Relaxants90.4893%
Local Anesthetics27.1251%
Diagnostic Agents5.05< 1%
Antitoxins, Immune Globulins, Toxoids, and Vaccines3.03< 1%
Not Classified18347.498934%
  1. a Note that many participants reported taking more than one drug belonging to the same Tier 1 category; as a result, total medications reported for each category may exceed the number of LongROAD participants
  2. b Note that a given participant may take medications in 2 or more categories