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Table 1 List of risky behaviours and criteria used to define level of engagement

From: Adolescents’ engagement in multiple risk behaviours is associated with concussion

Risky behaviourNo engagementModerate engagementHigh engagement
Frequency of bullyingNone1–3 times a month≥ 1 a week
Physical fights in past yearNone1 fight≥ 2 fights
Lifetime cigarette smokingNever1–29 day times≥ 30 times
Current alternative tobacco products useNo1 product≥ 2 products
Frequency of alcohol consumptionNever for every type of alcoholic beverage<  1 a month for any type of alcoholic beverage≥ 1 a month for any type of alcoholic beverage
Number of alcoholic drinks per typical event*Never drink1 drink≥ 2 drinks
Lifetime drunkenness*Never1 time≥ 2 times
Frequency of binge drinking in past year*Never≤ 1 time a month≥ 2 times a month
Lifetime illicit drug use*Never for all drugsUsed any drug 1 timeUsed ≥2 drugs or any drug ≥2 times
Lifetime cannabis use*Never1–5 times≥ 6 times
Lifetime sexual historyNo experience of sexual intercourseHad sexual intercourse and always used contraceptionHad sexual intercourse without contraception ≥1 time
Helmet use while riding bicycleNever ride bike or always used helmetWore helmet sometimes or most of timeNever wore helmet
Caffeinated beverage consumptionNever≤ 1 day week≥ 2 days a week
  1. *not included in analysis of grade 6–8 students because items were not included in their survey