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Table 1 Primary and secondary keywords used in publication searching on the Web of Science

From: Temporal trend of research related to gun violence from 1981 to 2018 in the United States: a bibliometric analysis

Primary keywords Concept Secondary keywords
Gun, handgun, firearm, rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, semi-automatic, bullet, ammunition Violence violence, murder, homicide, assault, crime, lethal, defense, shooting, fatality, kill, massacre
Perpetrator criminal, felon, offender, shooter, perpetrator, crime
Health outcome death, suicide, mortality, gunshot, dead, die, wound, shot, fatal injury, fatality
Risk factor risk, safe, ownership store, storage, possess, conceal, lock, vault, control, cabinet, disable
Law Legislation, law, statute, regulation, concealed carry, background check, possession, domestic violence, surrender, removal, remove, sale, dealer, license, permit, waiting period, criminal history, revoke, revocation, renew, expire, policy, enforce, legislative, implement, liberty, loophole, punish, preliminary, register, access, administer, administration, Brady law, Brady bill, Heller, McDonald, 2nd Amendment, Second Amendment