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Table 7 Health conditions and ICD-10 codes defining the Motor-vehicle-related hospitalizations (MVC)

From: Cohort study of medical cannabis authorization and motor vehicle crash-related healthcare visits in 2014–2017 in Ontario, Canada

Condition ICD-10
Car occupant injured in transport crash V40*-V49*
Occupant of pick-up truck or van injured in transport crash V50-V59
Occupant of heavy transport vehicle injured in transport crash V60-V69
  1. *The following fourth-character subdivisions are for use with categories V40-V48
  2. .0 Driver injured in nontraffic crash
  3. .1 Passenger injured in nontraffic crash
  4. .2 Person on outside of vehicle injured in nontraffic crash
  5. .3 Unspecified car occupant injured in nontraffic crash
  6. .4 Person injured while boarding or alighting
  7. .5 Driver injured in traffic crash
  8. .6 Passenger injured in traffic crash
  9. .7 Person on outside of vehicle injured in traffic crash
  10. .9 Unspecified car occupant injured in traffic crash
  11. Legend:
  12. ICD-10 International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision.